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4 x protection for your idea!

We accompany your development projects and advise you in all relevant issues:

  • Clarification in advance whether you may gain property rights or whether you have to respect property rights of third parties, which  cooperation partners are to be considered and how cooperative activities are to be secured with development  or license agreements.
  • Decision support for implementation of your concepts and how you may apply for domestic property rights and abroad.
  • Efficient course of action against infringement of property rights or agreements as well as support in market-oriented further developments of your concepts.


What is the potential of your idea?

We accompany your development projects already in advance of a patent application and advise you in all relevant issues:

  • Clarification in advance whether you may gain property rights or whether you have to respect property rights of third parties.
  • Which kind of cooperation partners are to be considered and how cooperative activities are to be secured with development or license agreements.
  • Decision support for implementation of your concepts and how you may apply for domestic property rights and abroad.
  • Efficient course of action against infringement of property rights or agreements as well as support in market-oriented further developments of your concepts.

From your idea to the patent!

We will provide comprehensive advice related to all characteristics and advantages of patent protection and assist you in all steps from drafting up to prosecution before the respective patent offices:

  • Processing of all relevant translations of your patent applications
  • Filing of national and international patent applications
  • Assistance during prosecution
  • Representation in opposition cases, cancellation proceedings and nullity actions
  • Monitoring and docketing as well as administration of all respective fees
  • Enforcing legal actions and warning letters based on patents
  • Conducting mediation procedures in conflict cases
  • Counseling you in all issues concerning employee invention law and the corresponding negotiating of inventors’ bonus
  • Licensing of industrial property rights in all industry sectors and regions

Utility Models

How big is your idea?

We will provide comprehensive advice related to all characteristics.
This kind of industrial property right is, in particular for “smaller” inventions, a good alternative or supplement for patent protection:

  • Developing your protection strategies including a market analysis
  • Processing all relevant translations for filing
  • Designing search profiles and assessment of existing industrial property rights
  • Developing of an opinion based on search results and assessment of existing industrial property rights
  • Drafting and filing of utility model applications
  • Assisting you during registration procedure
  • Representing in nullity actions
  • Monitoring and docketing as well as administration of all respective fees
  • Enforcing legal actions and warning letters based on utility models
  • Preparing license agreements up to the state ready to be signed

Technical inventions can be protected fast and economically be a utility model. Chemical substances, food, medical products may be filed as utility model. Exempt from protection are methods, for instance, processes of manufacture, operating methods or measuring processes. While a patent application requires several years for prosecution, a utility patent may be registered within weeks after filing.


What effect can your idea provoke?

We assist you with our experience of many years in all matters to protect your brand in their uniqueness, recognition and identity:

  • Performing trademark searches to avoid trademark based conflicts
  • Assessment of identity and similarity searches of trademarks
  • Developing customized strategies for trademark protection including cost analysis
  • Trademark applications and filing for national trademarks, Community trademarks or international trademarks
  • Conducting national as well as international opposition proceedings
  • Monitoring and administration of all time limits as well as docketing
  • Monitoring colliding applications in order to avoid infringement
  • Developing license agreements and priority agreements – from negotiations to ready-to-sign documents
  • Assisting in infringement cases of warning letters before court


How does your design look alike?

We assist you in all relevant aspects of:

  • Design searches for retrieving existing rights
  • Assessing which kind of national or international  design right is possible and will suit you best
  • Evaluating the protectability and developing your protection strategy and recommending the best application variants
  • Preparing for design application
  • Handling of all filing formalities, national as well as international
  • Control and administration of all fees and payments
  • Assisting in enforcement of design rights

A registered design protects three dimensional forms – for instance furniture, automobiles or toys. Protection for two dimensional designs is also possible – such as textiles, tapestries, logos, graphics or icons.

Patent Classes

Your ideas – our competence!

Unter anderem werden wir in folgenden Bereichen aktiv:

Mechanical Engineering

  • generators and turbines, turbo chargers, venting and cooling systems
  • cooling systems for nuclear power plants
  • low temperature systems for high performance motors
  • hydraulic and pneumatic control
  • pumps and compressors, bearings, sealing arrangements and packing glands
  • machines for processing and treating of plastics and resin
  • machines for processing, treating and cutting wood,
  • machines for manufacturing concrete parts and road building equipment
  • water recycling facilities
  • equipment for casting and molding machines
  • metal sheet metal forming, molding and continuous casting facilities
  • printing machines and print technology
  • time control systems
  • combustion engines and vehicle parts
  • cellulose and paper processing
  • packing machines
  • medical instruments and apparatus

Optical Technology

  • Laser technology including laser protection
  • holography and holographical optical devices
  • optical pattern recognition, optical read and write devices
  • optical imaging
  • nonlinear optical devices
  • optical communications systems
  • laser scan systems, laser spectroscopy
  • multi-photon microscopy
  • confocal laser scan microscopy
  • near field scan/scanning microscopy
  • color metric methods and apparatus

Medical Engineering

  • NMR technology
  • SQUID sensor technology
  • radio-diagnostic equipment
  • diagnostic equipment
  • catheter technology
  • implants

Electronics and Electric Engineering

  • analog and digital circuits for telecommunications
  • audio and television systems
  • microwave systems
  • digital signal processing
  • display and printer technology
  • microprocessor based systems, computer technology
  • communication technology, software engineering
  • design and manufacturing of semiconductors and integrated circuits
  • hearing aid device technology
  • micro switches and protection devices
  • electronically controlled and computer controlled automation technology
  • electronic control and telemetry systems for nuclear plants
  • power supply and power supply nets and respective control systems
  • Radar and Lidar systems
  • power generation
  • power storage
  • battery technology
  • electrical machines


  • organic chemistry
  • chemical syntheses
  • polymer chemistry
  • catalysis
  • analytic chemistry
  • chemical and biochemical process technology
  • chemistry in agriculture
  • bioanalytic chemistry
  • pharmaceutical chemistry
  • toxicology
  • pharmacology
  • chemistry pf dialysis processes
  • small molecules chemistry
  • combinative chemistry


  • enzymatics
  • proteomics
  • genomics
  • biochemical and molecular biological assays
  • PCR-technology
  • micro-array technology

Biology and Molecular Biology

  • genetic engineering
  • cloning technology
  • transgene organisms
  • RNA technology (microRNA, siRNA)
  • cellular biology
  • stem cell technology
  • immunology
  • cancer biology
  • classical and molecular virology
  • viral vectors
  • development of vaccines
  • immunohistochemical methods
  • neurological methods and devices
  • receptor-ligand interactions
  • neurotransmitters
  • plant physiology

Negotiation and Mediation

Got your positions stuck?

We advise you in the area of negotiations competently as patent attorneys coach and mediator:

  • Negotiating by coaching or attending by mediation or as mediator
  • Negotiation trainings and seminars for support of managers and staff
  • Evaluating mutual solutions by business mediation
  • After mediation we will develop a schedule for further actions and provide support for preparing a legally valid mediation agreement.

Negotiation is a method for balancing interests in human society, often for reconciliation of contradictory positions of various parties.

Support and coaching

We advise you competently as a patent attorney, coach and also as a mediator. We support you by conducting negotiations on your behalf, or through negotiation coaching or accompaniment in mediation or as a mediator. In addition, we offer support of managers and employees in negotiations through our trainings and seminars.

If, we negotiate on your behalf,  we put together the framework in which we operate through communication and mediative skills to fulfil your requirements and if possible to surpass. We can do this in English, too.

In negotiation coaching, we put you in a position to lead your transaction by clarifying your interests and knowledge of the views of other interested parties themselves. As coaches we work with you these topics from different perspectives and with methods tailored to you. We increase your communication skills to achieve your goals. Our focus includes both negotiations between different companies as well as within a company. Our core competence thus extends to the no less important, soft skills'.

We are also happy to provide our expertise to soft skills' in seminars to you or your employees.

Your benefits
We support you to conserve resources in negotiations to achieve an optimal outcome of the negotiations. We assist you in decision-making processes and improving your internal or external processes. We help using recognized coaching methods to optimize processes and thus be able to use your energy goal oriented.

Mediation is a voluntary process to the constructive settlement or avoidance of a conflict without addressing a court. Thus, mediation avoids high litigation costs and enables to maintain business relations. The neutral and impartial mediator does not possess any decision-making power, however, he is structuring the process and supports the parties to find a fair solution on their own that is also legally binding.

Prerequisites for a mediation process

On principle, it has to be observed that we as attorneys may no more act as mediators, if we were legally actively engaged in a case in the past, even if we can then accompany you as party representatives during the mediation.

At the outset of each mediation process, we examine whether or not the present case can be settled by this kind of negotiation at all. Furthermore, we pay attention, how the positions of the parties are relative to each other. If for example there is a large power gap, a conflict settlement acceptable to all involved can presumably not be reached via mediation.

An essential basic requirement is the voluntariness of the parties involved. In the beginning all parties should be willing to deliberately conduct mediation without force and should also approve the mediator involved. In the following this free decision making shall remain granted, so that it is agreed that each party can terminate the mediation process at each and every time.

A further principle for a successful mediation is the knowledge about all facts considerable for the decision making. It is one of the mediator’s duties to give information and knowledge to the conflict partners as regards the facts and the evaluation of any legal basis in involving external consultants and advisors of the parties in such a way, that a lasting conflict settlement can be found.

Furthermore, the parties shall self-responsibly find a conflict solution. It is a duty of the mediator to direct the process and to support the solution process, however, the parties themselves create the concrete solution. We draw up a written version of a legally valid contract after a successful completion of the mediation within the field of intellectual property.

Finding solutions together through business mediation

When the prerequisites for mediation are fulfilled, we start the real mediation process together with you. We accompany you in disclosing the fields of conflict and in developing the party’s interests and prepare a structure for the further processing. The common discussion of individual motivations creates a basis for a settlement. We assist you in formulating solution options and challenge their capacity for finding a consensus as well as the feasibility and sustainability of the found solution. At the end of the mediation we prepare a schedule for the further process and support you in preparing a legally valid mediation agreement. If required, we invite experienced attorneys at law for further areas.

We will also provide support during mediation in designing communication processes and in conflict management, both, between individuals and also within teams, based on our coaching background. So we empower you to manage your own issues and topics important to you after clarifying your interests and to recognize the perspectives of other persons involved. If we do not conduct the mediation as mediator, but as your advisor or patent attorney, we prepare your topics from different perspectives together with you and with tools tailored to you. The emphasis is the enhancement of communication between different enterprises as well as within your company in internal business areas.

Thus, our core competence does not exclusively reside on legal fields, but it extends also to the likewise important ‚soft skills’.

Advantages of a mediation process
Mediation is an appropriate tool to settle conflicts and to find sustainable solutions for conflicts, which would otherwise have to be litigated in front of a court. The parties are actively involved in the solution process and cooperate together to find a common solution that will satisfy all parties concerned. The overreaching of one party is avoided thereby and all options for an amicable professional business relation between the conflict partners remain open for the future.

As a consequence, the conflict solution striven for in mediation is implemented quicker and with less friction, as it would be the case after any court judgments. The interests of all parties involved are considered by the common discussion, ergo it is obvious that the party strive to timely realization.

The substantially reduced costs, when compared with court proceedings, are a further advantage of mediation.